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2018-2019 Student Guide and Calendar 
2018-2019 Student Guide and Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ACE it - Advise, Connect and Empower










ACE it (Advise Connect Empower) is a four-semester program with your own personal coach. Your coach will guide you through exploring career options, creating a personalized education plan, accessing resources to help you prepare for graduation and/or transfer. Students in ACE it are three times more likely to stick with their plans through difficulties and achieve their goals. Commenting on their ACE it experience one student remarked, “I didn’t understand why I had an ACE it coach at first. Now I do. It’s like having a friend explain your options so that you can make the necessary adjustments”.

For: First-time at Brazosport College students

Length of time: Four semesters

Who: Students are paired with a faculty or staff coach who will provide feedback and support

What: To assist students in reaching their educational and career goals


Contact: Sasha Tarrant, Director, 979-230-3504
email: Sasha.Tarrant@brazosport.edu


BC Connect mobile app - available to all students: tool which includes career exploration, planning and scheduling of courses, reminders, connection to resources and more!