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2018-2019 Student Guide and Calendar 
2018-2019 Student Guide and Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Brazosport College Police Department

BC employs police and security officers to provide security for facilities and provide assistance to students, faculty, staff, or visitors. Officers regularly patrol campus parking lots. Call for their assistance through the college switchboard at 230-3000 or the on duty officer at 236-3207.


  1. The Brazosport College Police Department and its officers are commissioned by the Governing Board of Regents and licensed by the privileges and immunities of Peace Officers in the enforcement of state and federal statutes, and the rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Regents of the Brazosport College (herein referred to as the District).
  2. The criminal laws of the United States, the State of Texas, and the general policies of the District are hereby declared to be in full force and effect on all campuses and property of the District.
  3. Brazosport College Police officers, as may be designated by the District administration, are empowered by the Board of Regents to issue District administrative citations for violations of the District Traffic Rules and Regulations. BC Police Officers may be full-time or part-time personnel. Only peace officers can issue citations that can be processed through the courts.

General Provisions

  1. This publication contains those regulations and procedures applicable to any person who walks, drives, and/or parks a vehicle on the campuses of the District. These rules and regulations are supplementary to the statutes of the State of Texas.
  2. The District is not responsible for fire, theft, damage to or loss of any vehicle parked and/or operated on a campus of the District. No bailment is created by granting any parking or operating privileges regarding a vehicle on any property owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the District.
  3. The District reserves the right, under TRC 545.305, to impound, or cause to be impounded any vehicle found in violation(s) of the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws or Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations of the District.
  4. The District shall not, nor shall any of its employees, be liable or assume any responsibility for the loss and/or damage suffered because of such impoundment or relocation of a vehicle.
  5. Proof of the fact that any parking or traffic control device, sign, signal or marking was actually in place at any location on a District campus shall constitute evidence that the same is official and was installed under the authority of appropriate law and these regulations.
  6. On special occasions and in emergencies, the Brazosport College Police Department may impose temporary parking and traffic control restrictions. These temporary restrictions shall have all the force of their written regulations, and shall be subject to the same penalties.
  7. No person shall fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction of anyone with the authority to direct, control and regulate traffic.

Exterior Lighting

Proper and efficient lighting is part of the commitment to providing a safe and secure campus environment. All campus parking lots, walkways and building exteriors are well lit to ensure a safe environment. It is part of BCPD’s routine duties to survey lighting and report any deficiencies for correction. Members of the campus community are also encouraged to report any deficiencies or recommendations to the BCPD by dialing 979-230-3207.

Building Security

The exterior doors on all campus buildings are locked and secured each evening by the Police Department. Checks are conducted on the building exteriors and interiors during the night hours. Doors and security hardware malfunctions and deficiencies should be reported for correction by dialing 979-230-3207.

Police Patrol

BCPD is responsible for patrol of the campus on a 24-hour basis. Patrol is conducted on foot or marked motor patrol units. The interior of each building is patrolled as well.  Members of the Brazosport College community are encouraged to report any emergency or suspicious activity to the Police Department by dialing 979-236-3207.

On-Campus Parking

Ample parking space is available for students in the student parking areas (see Campus Map). Disabled parking requires an official disabled parking tag or license and is located in all parking areas, with additional parking on the west side of the campus near the fountain. A temporary tag can be obtained from the Campus Police Department to park in visitor parking.


  1. BC strives to protect vehicles/private property when on college property, but the college assumes no responsibility for care/protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on the college campus.
  2. Citations will be issued for violations of parking and campus traffic rules and regulations.
  3. Appeal of citations should be made to the college Director of Public Safety & Chief of Police located in J.119.

Traffic and Security Regulations

The following rules/regulations are to provide for the safety of students attending BC, in order to create orderly parking/timely flow of traffic, and to assist students in the protection of their vehicles. Disabled parking is also available within all lots.  Vehicles shall be parked in appropriately-designated areas as follows:

  1. Student parking is available in the Blue, Green, and Orange lots. The Red lot requires a permit and is designated for faculty and staff only.
  2. Visitor parking is available in the Blue, Green and Orange lots and on the west side of the main building near the fountain. Disabled parking is also available within all lots.
  3. Motorcycles will park in the designated area in the front blue parking lot.
  4. Vehicles improperly parked, parked in restricted areas, or left overnight without prior notification of campus security may be removed and stored at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.

Traffic Regulations

  1. Parking is not permitted in the following areas:
    1. Reserved areas
    2. Loading zones
    3. Driveways
    4. Crosswalks/sidewalks
  2. Double parking is not allowed.
  3. Vehicles must be parked within the lines of individually marked spaces.
  4. Do not back into parking spaces.
  5. Students should:
    1. Observe one-way traffic flow lanes.
    2. Not park in any areas that are designated no parking: (turns, esplanades, on grass, etc.)
    3. Drive in accordance with posted speed limits.
    4. Observe yield/stop signs.
    5. Not drive on sidewalks.
    6. Yield to pedestrian traffic.
    7. Not park in Visitor spaces if currently enrolled.

Courtesy Escorts

This service is provided for members of the campus community who have disabilities and need a police escort from one area of the campus to another. In addition, this service is also available to students during hours of darkness and employees in security sensitive areas. To arrange for an escort, call 979-236-3207.

Automobile Accidents/Thefts

Accidents and any crime that may have occurred on campus, including thefts, should be reported to Campus Police Department.

Contact: 230-3207 or 230-3000