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2021-2022 Course Catalog 
2021-2022 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor’s in Industrial Management with Specialization

The mission for the Bachelor of Applied Technology program at Brazosport College is to educate, train, and develop successful business leaders and managers who are prepared to utilize technology and leadership skills to the competitive advantage of their enterprise. This program builds upon a general education core, and other courses completed in the freshman and sophomore years. Due to the nature of the Bachelor of Applied technology degree, a combination of “academic” and “workforce/technical” classes can be applied to the lower-division requirements. While the upper-division requirements remain the same, a student’s specialty in their lower-division hours allows them to show their knowledge and expertise in a particular field of study.  The program is designed to add general management and business skills for someone with a specialized coursework so they can better achieve their long-term career goals. Students who didn’t specialize in a technical area and earned an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science may select the Generalist Track.  The breadth of the coursework enables students to lead and manage by utilizing a wide variety of business, finance, technology, and people management skills.

The upper-division classes are offered online and do not require attendance on campus. Industrial Management courses are delivered in combination of 8-week terms and 16-week semesters allowing students five opportunities to begin coursework throughout the year as well as the ability to focus more on individual courses. This accelerated model allows students to focus on fewer courses while becoming more immersed in the discipline. Faculty members bring industry experience to the classes as well as their excellent educational credentials. Students from a wide variety of backgrounds participate in the program bringing the diversity of their experiences to the course discussions.

Finally, we offer the country’s first 4+1 program between colleges and universities. This program allows eligible seniors to take up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework from a partnering college or university whereby those earned credits are reverse transferred into the bachelor’s program as electives. This allows students the opportunity to complete up to one-year of graduate school and even earn a Graduate Certificate by the time they complete their 4-year degree. The graduate programs make their curricula available entirely online. 

Lower Division Academic Requirements - 44 Hours

Lower Division Technical Specialization Requirements - 31 Hours

Students admitted to the program with an AAS or 60 credits and 25 of those hours in a particular discipline will be assigned a specialization that most closely aligns with their previously earned credits. A minimum of 25 semester credit hours in one area of specialization, 3 credits hours in business/technical writing, and 3 credit hours in business computer applications are required to complete this component of the bachelor’s program.

Program Electives - 12 Hours

Students have two options when it comes to satisfying the 12 hour elective requirement:

  1. Eligible students may take graduates courses as part of the 4+1 program, and then reverse transfer those earned credits into the electives.
  2. Students may choose up to 4 upper division courses from the following: