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2023-2024 Student Guide & Calendar 
2023-2024 Student Guide & Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Admission and Registration

Getting Into Brazosport College

The Office of Admissions and Registrar is your first stop for admission, readmission, or transfer to/from Brazosport College. Enrollment specialists are ready to help as you complete the process.


Brazosport College is an open-enrollment institution.*

Students are encouraged to begin the admissions process before the date registration begins. The admission process includes:

  1. completion of the Texas Two-Year Application located at www.ApplyTexas.org
  2. submission of all required documents for establishment of residency
  3. submission of the official transcript from all institutions. (Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher may submit one transcript indicating the highest degree earned unless they want to transfer courses from any other colleges attended.)
  4. meeting with a counselor for assistance with educational plan development
  5. completion of required placement testing, as required
  6. a visit to the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office or www.brazosport.edu/finaid to obtain information on financial aid for which you may be eligible.

* Bachelor of Applied Technology, Associate Degree Nursing, Licensed Vocation Nurse, and Law Enforcement Academy require secondary applications.  See the appropriate program webpage for additional information.

Internet (myBC) Registration

Students are encouraged to register and pay for classes using myBC. To access myBC, a student must use their BCNET username and password. Students receive this information in their personal email after their admission application is accepted and reviewed. If you need help remembering your BCNET password information, please visit www.brazosport.edu/password to reset your password.  Courses may be added or dropped during the registration period and published add/drop dates only. Dual/Concurrent students require the approval of their dual credit counselor to add or drop courses.

Access to Student Records

The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 protects the privacy of educational records, establishes the right of students to inspect or review their educational records, and provides guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data. In compliance with this act, the college may release to the general public the following types of directory information without the written consent of the student: (1) student’s name, address, telephone listings, (2) date of birth, (3) major, (4) participation in officially recognized activities and sports, (5) dates of attendance, (6) degrees and awards received, and (7) most recent previous institution attended. By making a written request to the Registrar’s Office, the student may request that any or all of this information be withheld from the public. The student must make this request by the term’s Official Reporting Day (ORD), as published in the course catalog or academic calendar. The Directory Information Non-Disclosure Form is available at www.Brazosport.edu/FERPA. The request applies to the current semester only. The student must authorize the release of any additional information about his or her records.

Students’ college records are stored in the Admissions and Registrar’s Office. The staff of the Registrar’s Office will supply students with information related to their college records and refer those students requiring additional assistance to the proper college office or official.

Law Enforcement Unit Records

Brazosport College has its own law enforcement units to monitor safety and security in and around campus. Investigative reports and other records created and maintained by these law enforcement units are not considered education records subject to FERPA. Accordingly, institutions may disclose information from law enforcement unit records to anyone, including outside law enforcement authorities, without student consent. See 34 CFR § 99.8.

Law enforcement unit officials whom the college or university employs are designated in the institution’s FERPA notification as “school officials” with a “legitimate educational interest.” As such, they may access personally identifiable information from students’ education records. The institution’s law enforcement unit officials must protect the privacy of the education records it receives and may disclose them only in compliance with FERPA. For that reason, law enforcement unit records are maintained separately from education records.

Adding/Dropping Courses

  • No course may be added after the date specified in the official BC calendar.
  • After the official withdrawal deadline, students are expected to take final exams and will be given the grade earned in the course. In extraordinary circumstances, exceptions may be made under recommendation by the instructor, division chair, and approval by the Dean of Instruction.

Degree Requirements

Students should refer to the BC catalog for degree requirements. Students enrolling only in workforce courses may earn certificates representing mastery of entry-level work skills.

For additional information, contact: Counseling & Testing, 979-230-3040

Degree Audit

Students may obtain an unofficial degree/ certificate audit through myBC using their BCNET username and password at www.brazosport.edu, then click the myBC button at the bottom of the page.

Contact the Counseling & Testing office at 979-230-3040 or E-counselor at ecounselor@brazosport.edu for additional assistance.

Student Classification

  •    Full-time - Students are considered full-time if they are registered for a minimum of 12 semester hours in a 16-week session or a minimum of 6 semester hours in a summer session. Students who enroll in fewer than 12 hours in a 16-week session and 5 hours in a summer session are considered part-time. Please note: Financial Aid’s definition for full-time students, per federal regulation, is 12 credit hours regardless of the semester. Students receiving federal financial aid or federal deferments should inquire at the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office in room E.101 about regulations concerning summer semester enrollment.
  • Freshmen Standing - Students are classified as freshmen if they have successfully completed fewer than 31 semester credit hours.
  • Sophomore Standing- Students are classified as sophomores if they have successfully completed 31 to 60 semester credit hours.
  • Junior Standing - Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) students with 61 to 90 earned semester credit hours are classified as juniors.
  • Senior Standing - BAT students with more than 90 earned semester credit hours are classified as seniors.  

Payment Options

  • Online payment using myBC and using credit or debit cards;
  • Checks are accepted for tuition/fees at registration times;
  • Personal checks may not be cashed on campus;
  • Checks returned for insufficient funds will be deposited within seven days;
  • Checks returned a second time, or returned for an account closed, will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office and/or turned over to a collection agency;
  • Questions regarding checks that are turned over to a collection agency should be directed to the Business Office at 979-230-3408.

Refund Policy

Student Service Fee

Funds collected by BC through student services fees will support tutoring; supplemental instruction; student co-curricular functions such as equipment/supplies for student activities; student government; membership in state/national organizations; approved conferences; and financial assistance for sponsored clubs/organizations. These fees also support awards, publications, and cultural activities of the student body

Dean’s List

At the end of each semester, Brazosport College compiles a list of students named to the Dean’s List. To achieve this recognition, students must:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of 12 semester credit hours of college-level work and earn a 3.60 GPA.


  • Students who carry more than 8 but less than 12 semester hours of college-level work may receive this recognition by earning a grade point average of 3.75 and passing all of their courses.