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2018-2019 Course Catalog 
2018-2019 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Transitional Educational Courses

Students will be placed in transitional education courses if the TSI test indicates a need for review or development of entry-level college skills. Brazosport College offers the following transitional education courses.

Mathematics Courses (Algebra/Algebra Pre Cal Pathways): MATH 0404  MATH 0406  MATH 0408  

Mathematics Courses (Statistics/Quantitative Reasoning Pathways): MATH 0404  MATH 0407  

Mathematics Courses (Modular: Both Pathways): MATH 0410  MATH 0411  MATH 0412  

English Courses: ENGL 0108  ENGL 0410  

Students will receive grades in these courses as in other courses, but the grades do not affect grade point averages. Students progress through the transitional sequence by passing the course to qualify for the next level.

Credit by Examination

Special examinations provide students an opportunity to establish credit for certain courses. Credit may be earned by Advanced Placement Exams, CLEP Exams, and departmental exams.

To apply for credit by examination, students must complete a petition for credit by examination in the Counseling and Testing Office. A minimum of 6 semester credit hours must be earned at Brazosport College before credit will be posted to the student’s transcript. A maximum of 24 hours may be earned by exam.

For further information about credit by examination at Brazosport College, please contact the Counseling and Testing Office, 979-230-3237.